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Monday, August 28, 2006

Welcome to Coffee Trader

I ended up spending the weekend in Grand Junction visiting a friend of mine. While driving around searching for a coffee shop to hang out in, I found Coffee Traders, which is located at 7th Street and Paterson.

Traders is an upscale coffee shop compared to your local Starbucks. The staff was friendly to me all day long. Coffee refills were free and so was the wi-fi. I tried to spend my afternoon reviewing/learning calculus. I of course found many distractions to keep me from doing that. Such as writing an article for my blog.

According to some information on the wall Traders was remodeled in 2004. It currently has hard wood floors and tables and chairs that are a nice maple stain. In addition to having good coffee there is a full menu of frou frou drinks for the typical coffee house yuppie.

At this point I have been at Traders for 6h or so. I decided to whip out the pda and write this from the coffee shop. I also have the ability to post this from my new phone, however I was not able to get the pictures to upload, so I waited till I got home.

I had a couple short conversations with some locals and they were both friendly.

I of course probably looked like quite the spectacle as usual. Let me just describe what my table looks like.
I am currently typing this on my pda via a full size fold out keyboard. I am listening to three days grace on my old phone. I have my cd player and headphones still out on the table, which unfortunately ran out of batteries a couple hours ago. Since I have been working on calculus I also have my TI-92+ on display, with my numerous books, notes and old tests.

I should also point out that since I upgraded my phone to a Samsung i730. I have three qwerty keyboards on my one little coffee table, however only one of them is full size. My camera has also made a couple of appearances today. Not to mention the pda to phone IRDA transfer of photos from the camera! Despite all of this the locals were still friendly. I think a couple of guys who were sitting in the corner with their laptops were a little intimidated by all of my technology. I mean why would anyone by a laptop when they can spend just as much money on four or five devices that can almost do most of the functions of a laptop.

Anyways I should get back to studying since school is starting on Monday. Good luck to all those who will be joining me. I just wanted to leave you with an uplifting quote by Ayn Rand, something to think about as school resumes.

What does all of this do to the best minds among the students?
Most of them endure their college years with the teeth-clenched
determination of serving out a jail sentence. The psychological
scars they acquire in the process are incalculable. But they
struggle as best they can to preserve their capacity to think,
sensing dimly that the essence of the torture is an assault on
their mind. And what they feel toward their school ranges from
mistrust to resentment to contempt to hatred – intertwined with
a sense of exhaustion and excruciating boredom.

--Ayn Rand
Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal


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