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Monday, June 12, 2006

An Afternoon at Margie's

I decided to stop by Margie's Java Joint today and get a coffee. The coffee was hot and enjoyable as expected. Also it was my delight that this particular afternoon they were giving away samples of biscotti. I admit to taking at least my fair share of this delectable item.

After an hour or so of reading however I was overcome with hunger. Being of little money I opted for toasted wheat bread for $.99. I was happy to be able to find a couple hundred calories for only a dollar. After ordering my toast I went back to my table and continued to read for a while. I assumed that when my toast was done it would be called out after the manner of other orders. However after about 7 minutes or so I was reminded by my stomach that it needed fed. So I ventured up to the counter to inquire about the status of my toast. The young incompetent who was working found my toast in the toaster(how odd). He then proceeded to put my cold toast on a plate and handed it to me. Apparently he is under the impression that whenever you take things out of the toaster that they are hot, regardless of how long ago they were put in. Being more amused than offended I took the butter he offered and went back to my table to eat my cold toast. Aside from the cold toast incident, Margie's is usually an enjoyable place to spend the afternoon reading a book. I remember when a friend of mine from Denver came up to Greeley and we went for coffee at Margie's. My friend swore that we were in Boulder after seeing the manner of a few of the patrons. I assured him that we were not, but he would hear none of this.

Margie's Java Joint is located on the corner of 16th St and 10th Ave. in Greeley. They also have a small selection of books for purchase and a larger selection of college texts books. Also overpriced paraphernalia for UNC came be found here.


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